Fagerhults classic Notor G2 luminaire has now been brought right up-to-date using the latest in LED technology. The expansive range spans suspended, surface mounted and recessed variations, offering the flexibility to maintain a consistent aesthetic across numerous applications.

Notor is characterised by discretion. Its minimalist style and clean line design is constructed of aluminium with a natural anodised finish. In continuous runs Notor provides an unbroken line of light in the ceiling while the L-coupler offers the scope to create more varied installations. The LED variation is lit all the way to the end-caps of the luminaire housing, further enhancing its visual appeal with illuminated corners.

The luminaires can be connected using a snap-in connector for safe and efficient installation, while providing additional protection to the light sources and other technology during installation.

Designed by Julle Oksanen and Vesa Honkonen

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